Can I use numbing cream?

In general, I do not recommend numbing cream, as it changes the consistency of the skin (making it more rubbery and difficult to penetrate), and often does not heal as well. It also usually only lasts for 1-3 hours, so for longer sessions, the client often ends up more uncomfortable as halfway through the tattoo, the pain goes from 0-100, rather than allowing the body to get accustomed naturally and dull the pain as we go.

If you feel like you will sit poorly and do want to use numbing cream, please let me know in advance and we can discuss which brands to go for and which to avoid – and this way I can be prepared to tattoo the skin under the effects of the numbing cream.

Please note that poor heals resulting from using numbing cream may require another session that would not otherwise have been needed if the skin had been unaltered – this does not fall under a free touch up, and would be at the client’s expense.

If you decide to use numbing cream, always do a small patch test beforehand, for every new tube. Some people are allergic, but even well-established brands can have inconsistencies in the manufacturing process – there have been cases of severe chemical burns (3rd degree requiring skin grafts) resulting from bad batches from trusted brands. Please make sure you are aware of the risks to assess if it is worth using.