I drew this/found this online and want it tattooed exactly as is.

Unless the reference you have has been commissioned especially for you and you have the permission of the artist (and it will make a good tattoo), I do not tattoo another artist’s work.

Similarly, if you or a friend have drawn the design but it will not translate well or age well as a tattoo (regardless of how nice it looks on paper), I will not tattoo it without making changes that will ensure it has the best chance at lasting on the skin. This is simply because I want your piece to stand the test of time and a lot of paper drawings do not hold up under our skin in the same way.

As tattooers we love nothing more than being given a certain amount of creative freedom when it comes to designing your new tattoo. This will ensure we are able to create a unique and custom design, that is both aesthetically pleasing and works in harmony with the natural curvature of the body.

The pieces we are most drawn to are typically those where there aren’t too many restrictions imposed on us. If we feel we will have to compromise our artistic ability, or the integrity of your tattoo in order to include every design aspect you like, we often won’t take on the project.

I personally want each client to be happy with the design, but also want to be confident that I have made a piece the best it could be from a creative perspective. Please do not be offended if I recommend somebody else for a piece that I do not feel I can do justice – we all have different styles and preferences, and it’s important your artist feels as passionate about your piece as you do.